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About Us:

Malloy Insurance Services – Advanced Financial Solutions Inc. – EWP Financial = Michael Malloy Solutions

Many firms establish a parent company to oversee its many operations. We have now reached the stage to do the same with the birth of EWP Financial. This new entity will represent both Advanced Financial Solutions, Inc. and Malloy Insurance Services, found on the web as Michael Malloy Solutions.”

About Michael Malloy
“From very early on in life, I have loved to meet new people. When I could barely stand, my parents put me in the front yard in my crib, and I would wave at every passerby, excited to see the new faces in our neighborhood.

As founder of Advanced Financial Solutions, I am still just as excited to have a phone call, email, or text message from a new potential client, eager to find out what issues I can solve for them. First listening to all the details of their story, asking questions, if necessary, to go deeper into the root causes of issues. And on our follow-up conversations, I love bringing other trusted advisors into the call to make sure we are covering the issues in a thorough and comprehensive manner.”

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Company Review – Advanced Financial Solutions Inc
“About US
The roots of Advanced Financial Solutions, Inc. reach back over 30 years, and its mission addresses the current, keen paradox of striving to achieve full compliance in tax transparency while also providing clients both privacy and tax savings.”

From Our Partner Site: Expanded Worldwide Planning

The Unending Journey. How Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP) and its various entities came into being
– From Museum Administrator to Insurance Broker

– From Malloy Insurance Services to EWP Financial >> Michael Malloy’s professional path. “

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by Michael Malloy, CLU TEP RFC.
CEO, Founder @EWP Financial

~ Your best source for PPLI and EWP

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