EWP for Tomorrow’s Global Leaders

Unlocking Financial Potential with Michael Malloy, CLU, TEP, RFC

EWP for Tomorrow's Global Leaders

In today’s rapidly changing global landscape, international entrepreneurs face unique challenges when it comes to tax planning and wealth management. It is crucial to devise strategies early on, before fortunes are amassed, in order to maximize benefits and ensure long-term financial security.

At EWP Financial, under the guidance of Michael Malloy, we specialize in helping individuals navigate these complexities. This article explores the power of Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP) and how our tailored approach, combined with a properly constructed Private Placement Life Insurance policy (PPLI), can safeguard assets and unlock unparalleled advantages for the movers and shakers of tomorrow.

Maximizing Benefits Through EWP and PPLI:
By leveraging the potential of EWP and PPLI, our firm has successfully assisted one particular client in consolidating his worldwide holdings, which are currently in the startup phase. Through this strategic approach, we have secured a multitude of benefits for him, including:

1. Tax Deferral: All assets within the PPLI policy, ranging from investments to business income, enjoy tax deferral, providing our client with a substantial advantage in managing his wealth.

2. Tax-Free Asset Transfer: The assets held within the PPLI policy seamlessly pass to the beneficiaries designated in the policy, free from any tax implications. Through a well-structured policy, we establish a tax-free environment for these assets, irrespective of their global location.

3. Simplified Reporting: The utilization of life insurance through PPLI significantly simplifies reporting requirements such as FATCA and CRS, and in certain cases, even eliminates the need for reporting altogether. This streamlined process saves time and effort, allowing our clients to focus on what matters most—building their entrepreneurial empire.

4. Enhanced Privacy: By designating the insurance company as the beneficial owner of the assets contained within the PPLI policy, families receive enhanced privacy. This measure shields their wealth from unnecessary exposure while providing an additional layer of confidentiality and security.

5. Asset Protection: The EWP structure offers exceptional asset protection, safeguarding the wealth creator’s hard-earned assets from potential creditors and legal liabilities. This vital element ensures the preservation and longevity of wealth for future generations.

6. Cost-Effective Solution: With fees averaging just 1-2% of assets, the EWP structure proves to be a low-cost solution that maximizes the value of investments while delivering comprehensive financial benefits.

7. Global Tax Compliance: The EWP structure adheres fully to the regulations and requirements of tax jurisdictions worldwide. This compliance ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for international entrepreneurs seeking to optimize their financial affairs.

8. Financial Security for Families: In the unfortunate event of an untimely death, our client’s family is protected by a tax-free PPLI death benefit. This safety net ensures their continued financial stability and enables them to navigate the future with confidence.
Case Study: The Ideal Candidate for EWP Planning
Our client, an ambitious entrepreneur, has diverse businesses in natural resources, sports, gaming, trading, content management, and investments. His enterprises span across the United States, Europe, and Africa. As a U.S. Green card holder with residence status in the U.K., he carries a passport from a third country. While his startup ventures currently generate $2-3 million annually, their outstanding potential could rapidly propel them to $5-10 million within a few short years. Given his unique circumstances and growth prospects, our client perfectly exemplifies the ideal candidate for EWP planning, and he approached us at the opportune time.
Recognizing Perfect Fits:
At EWP Financial, we pride ourselves on identifying and assisting “perfect fits” who can benefit from our expertise and innovative solutions. If you know entrepreneurs or individuals who align with our vision and could benefit from our comprehensive approach, we welcome you to connect them with us. By extending our services to more individuals, we aim to empower a broader community of global leaders and facilitate their financial growth and success.
In an ever-evolving global economy, strategic financial planning and wealth management are essential for international entrepreneurs. Through the power of EWP and PPLI, expertly guided by Michael Malloy, CEO of EWP Financial, individuals can secure their assets, unlock unparalleled benefits, and pave the way for a prosperous future. We remain committed to earning your trust and providing unwavering support as we continue to empower tomorrow’s movers and shakers in the international business landscape.

by Michael Malloy, CLU TEP RFC.
CEO, Founder @EWP Financial

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