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EWP - Q and A

What is Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP)?

EWP is a comprehensive approach to financial planning that considers an individual’s or a company’s global financial situation, including assets, liabilities, income, and tax obligations in multiple countries.

Why is EWP important?

EWP is important because it helps individuals or companies manage their finances effectively across multiple countries, taking into account differences in laws, tax regimes, and economic conditions.

What are the key components of EWP?

The key components of EWP include identifying and managing tax liabilities, optimizing wealth transfer strategies, and addressing investment and retirement planning needs.

What are the underlying principles of EWP?

The underlying principles of EWP are discussed in Wikipedia’s article on International Tax Planning. The six principles are privacy, asset protection, tax shield, succession planning, compliance simplification, and trust substitute.

Who can benefit from EWP?

Anyone with global financial interests, including international families and investors, and companies with operations in multiple countries can benefit from EWP.

How can an individual or company implement EWP?

An individual or company can implement EWP by working with a financial advisor who has expertise in international financial planning like Michael Malloy CLU TEP RFC @ EWP Financial. The advisor will help them assess their financial situation, identify opportunities and risks, and develop a comprehensive plan to achieve their financial goals.

What are some common challenges in EWP?

Some common challenges in EWP include navigating different tax laws and regulations across countries, managing currency risk, and addressing estate planning needs.

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